Block and Service Clubs

There are several active block clubs in the Borough of Wilkinsburg. The clubs are entirely organized and driven by residents who are volunteers and activists, and who care deeply about the future of our community.

Participation in a block club is an effective way to stay involved and create positive change in your neighborhood.

Below is partial list of block and service clubs in Wilkinsburg. If you would like to have your organization listed here, please contact the Borough secretary at 412-244-2900 ext. 101. If you don’t see a service club for your area, contact the Police Department or one of your Council representatives if you’d like help getting a new one started.

Gaywood Manor Block Watch

Contact Chris Guerriero at (412) 897-4576 or

Hilltop Block Watch

Contact Linda Danza Atkins at (412) 880-8253 or

600 & 400 Block Hampton Ave Block Watch

Contact Pamela Stimac at

Whitney Ave 600+ Block Watch

Contact Craig Moss at (724) 335-7871 or

Barnes Street Block Watch

Contact Mike Milberger at (412) 242-8512 or & Marty Fruend at

Bessica – Clark – Glenn – Montier Block Watch

Contact Paige Trice at (412) 871-5367 or

Hill Avenue 500+ Block Watch

Contact Clif McGill at (412) 242-6022

Princeton Park Neighborhood Block Watch

Contact Pamela Macklin at (412) 780-7730 or

500+ Coal Block Watch 

Contact Dean Brandt at