Boards, Committees, and Authorities

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The Borough relies on residents to fill these volunteer positions on Boards, Commissions and Authorities. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill download and fill out the application below, then you can either:

  1. Mail to 605 Ross Avenue, Wilkinsburg, PA 15221
  2. Email it to
  3. Turn it in the Borough Secretary on the first floor of the Borough Building in the Manager’s office

 Talent Bank Application

What are Boards and Authorities?


Authorities are entities separate from the Borough, defined under Pennsylvania law. They have development powers, and are intended to assist the Borough and the community in achieving economic development goals, and with other long-range projects. With the exception of the Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority, Borough Council authorized the formation of the Authorities. Council appoints residents to serve on each Authority, but they otherwise operate independently. The Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority differs from other Authorities because it is a coalition serving a number of surrounding communities. Wilkinsburg’s Council appoints 3 members of the Board of the WPJWA, who represent the Borough’s interest on that Board.

Boards and Commissions

The Borough Council appoints Wilkinsburg residents as volunteers to a number of Boards and Commissions. Each group has a unique mission to assist Council in governing, and oversees a targeted area of operation or service provided by the Borough. Council has sole discretion on appointments and removals from these entities.

The Wilkinsburg School Board is not listed in this section because it does not operate under the domain of the Borough of Wilkinsburg’s government.

Boards and Commissions

Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission oversees the process of hiring for the Police Department. They do not do the actual hiring but make sure the process described in the Civil Service Rules and Regulations is followed. The Commission may also hear grievances and appeals of officers.  There are 3 permanent seats that are appointed for 6-year terms. There are also 3 alternate seats available and currently two are available for alternate members. The Commission meets once a year and subsequently as needed.

Community Art and Civic Design Commission

The Community Art and Civic Design Commission is legislative by nature. The Commission shall review, make recommendations, and approve proposed designs for new and renovated structures, infrastructure, landscapes, works of art, memorials, and monuments on all public property and on all private property designated for commercial use. The Commission is comprised of 11 appointed members with qualifications prescribed in the establishing ordinance of the Borough Code. They are 3-year terms and they meet monthly.

Citizens Advisory Commission on Shade Trees

The Committee develops, with the approval of Council, a comprehensive program for trees in public areas of the borough. The program should be developed in consultation with the Department, to which will fall much of the role of carrying it out. Things like tree inventory, pruning of public trees, tree planting strategies and other duties fall under this Commission. The Commission meets monthly. The seats are for 3-year terms.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Purpose: to assist the Borough Council to develop the Parks and Recreation mission and serve as a liaison between the Borough, the Wilkinsburg School District and the residents of Wilkinsburg. The Board shall have the following powers: Identify the open space, recreation, and park and trail needs of the Borough. Plan and supervise programs approved by the Borough Council. Recommend plans, programs, and policies regarding the provision of recreation and park services. Advise the Borough Council in the acquisition and development of parklands. Undertake recreation and park tasks as requested by the Borough Council. There are 7, 5-year term positions. Currently there are no seats open. The Board meets monthly.

Planning Commission

The Commission provides for the maintenance and orderly development of the community through complimentary, orderly and harmonious development, and to promote, protect and create conditions favorable to the health, safety, morals, and general welfare of the Borough’s citizenry. The regulation of all land development activities, in the Borough of Wilkinsburg is achieved through a uniform method for the submission of preliminary and final plats. The Planning Commission is to ensure: the proper layout of lands and buildings; the proper design of streets; provision of adequate easements or rights of way, gutters, storm and sanitary drainage facilities, walkways, storm water management and other required public facilities; and the proper design of land developments. They ensure future development within the Borough is consistent with the goals and objectives of the Wilkinsburg Comprehensive Plan. There are 9 seats on the Commission and they are 4-year appointments. They meet on a monthly basis.

Zoning Hearing Board

The Zoning Hearing Board functions in strict accordance with and pursuant to the Municipalities Planning Code and shall have the following powers: Appeals from the Zoning Officer. The Board also hears and decide appeals where it is alleged that the Zoning Officer has failed to follow prescribed procedures or has misinterpreted or misapplied any provision of a valid ordinance or map of the Borough. The Board hears and decide requests for special exceptions and variances. The Board consists of 5, 5-year term seats. They meet as needed.

Board of Library Directors

The Board of Library Directors serves Borough Council in an advisory capacity on all matters relating to operation, media selection and funding of the Wilkinsburg Municipal Library. There are 7 members appointed for three-year terms one of whom must be a Borough Council Member. The Board meets monthly.


Industrial and Commercial Development Authority

The Authority acts as a financing agency for the issuance of bond issues and other allowable financing options for projects in and outside of Wilkinsburg within the regulation of state law. The ICDA board members often serve on the Municipal Authority which has a similar mission. There are 5-5-year seats on the Authority. They meet quarterly or as business comes before them.

Municipal Authority

The Municipal Authority was established under the Pa. Municipality Authorities Act and parallels the work of the Industrial and Commercial Development Authority in regard to the issuance of bonds for eligible projects. The Authority has 5 members with 5-year terms. The Authority meets quarterly or as needed.

Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority

The Joint Water Authority serves several Eastern Suburbs and is governed by a 12-member board. The Borough of Wilkinsburg appoints 3 people to serve on the Board in 5-year terms.  The Board oversees the general governance of Wilks-Penn Joint Water Authority.  They meet monthly.