Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for all fiscal matters within the Borough, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and debt-related issuance and payments. It also handles the payment of fees and fines.

The Department is located on the third floor of the Borough Building at 605 Ross Avenue, and staff are available Monday through Friday 8:00 am–4:30 pm. Carole Salisbury is the Finance Director.

Municipal Service Fees

Municipal Service Fees (MSF) cover refuse and recycling collection and are processed by the Turtle Creek Valley Council of Governments (TCVCOG). The current annual residential fee is $200 per residential unit; bills are sent in February with an April 30th due date. A penalty is assessed for payments made after the due date.

Contact the TCVCOG at (412) 858-5115 with questions, or to learn about available payment options. The TCVCOG is located at the Monroeville Municipal Building, 2700 Monroeville Blvd., Monroeville, PA 15146. When calling or visiting the TVCOG, make sure to have a copy of your bill with the account number and address on it.

Parking Tickets

There are three easy ways to pay a parking ticket in Wilkinsburg:

Pay Online: Ticket Payment Website

Pay By Phone: 412-593-5581

Pay In Person: Pay by cash, check, money order, or credit card at the Borough Building.

Payments may be placed in drop boxes located on the first floor of the Borough building near the Police Department, and on the 3rd floor outside the Finance Department. Be sure to include your ticket or citation number on your check or money order.

Questions related to parking fines can be answered at (412) 242-7251.

Disputing a Ticket

To dispute a parking ticket, complete a Dispute Form and return it to the Finance Department. Your form will be forwarded to the Police Department for review, and then sent to the Magistrate, who will set a hearing date. Note that the Finance Department only processes payments, and cannot forgive or adjust fines.

Dispute Form

Purchasing a Residential Parking Permit

If an individual wants to purchase a residential parking permit, the street where they live on has to be on the approved list (by council).  The list of approved streets are as follows:

  • Coal Street – 500 Block
  • Elm Street – 1300 Block
  • Findley Drive/Penn Avenue
  • Franklin Avenue – 400 and 500 blocks
  • Hill Avenue – 500, 600, and 700 blocks
  • Holmes Street – 500 block
  • Kelly Avenue – 400 and 500 blocks
  • Laketon Road, east side, between Marie Street and Winton Street
  • North Avenue – 500 and 700 blocks
  • Pitt Street – 500 and 700 blocks
  • Ross Avenue – 400 block
  • South Avenue – 300 and 400 blocks
  • Susquehanna Street 8000 block
  • Wallace Avenue – 700 and 800 blocks, between Center St. and Coal St.

Residential Parking Form

If the individual’s street is on the approved list, the individual must provide proof of address to the finance office. A state issued photo ID and a copy of a lease or bill (current within 3 months) to verify where the individual lives will be considered sufficient proof.

Individuals must pay any unpaid parking tickets before they are approved for a residential parking permit.

Individuals are provided with an application form requesting name, address, car make and model, and license plate number that must be completed to issue the permit.

The current cost of a residential parking permit is $5 per calendar year (2019), which is not pro-rated. We accept cash, check, money order, or credit card. A new permit must be purchased every year and permits for the new calendar year can be purchased in the finance department the last week of December of the previous year.

The individual will receive a permit sticker which is to be placed on their car’s back left bumper.  Each permit applicant also receives 2 visitor’s passes that they can give to any visitors.  These visitor parking passes must be placed in the middle of the dash in the front of the visitor’s car. Any resident on an approved street is able to request 2 visitor passes whether or not they have a vehicle, subject to the same requirements and fees as individuals requesting a permit.

If permits or visitor’s passes are lost during the year, there is a $25 charge to replace them.


Wilkinsburg Taxes

Wilkinsburg taxpayers are responsible for the Borough’s Property Tax (14 mills), the School District’s Property tax (24.5 mills) and Allegheny County’s Real Estate tax (4.73 mills). In addition, residents pay Earned Income Taxes (1% of wages) and Business Privilege/Mercantile Taxes, if applicable. If you are current with your property taxes, you can direct any questions to Berkheimer Tax Administrator.  Delinquent Property taxes, delinquent Municipal Services Fees and liens are handled by MBM Collections, LLC. Earned Income Tax and Local Services Tax ($52 per year, subject to income limits) are collected by Keystone Collections Group. Contact information for all these entities is available on the Tax Questions page.


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