Tax Knowledge Base

Property Tax

All property owners in Wilkinsburg pay Property Taxes to three bodies:

  • The Borough rate is 14 mils
  • The School District rate is 24.5 mils
  • The County rate is 4.73 mils

To estimate the yearly taxes use the “Assessed Value” of a house. You can use the Allegheny County web site to search for a property and find the “Assessed Value”. For new sales where it is likely the value will increase, you can estimate this based on the Market Value multiplied by the Common Level Ratio (63.6%). Find the Market Value using a website like Zillow or

Tax Calculator


Borough Tax: $0.00
School District Tax: $0.00
County Tax: $0.00

Total Tax: $0.00


Tax Abatement

If you plan on investing significant amounts into a property there is a Tax  Abatement program available to ensure a gradual increase if the property is reassessed due to improvements. This program establishes a Ten Year gradual increase in taxes to meet the new assessed value after improvements.

Read more in the Form on the page linked above, or click here for the full description in the Borough Code.

Other Taxes / Fees

Additional taxes and fees apply to Wilkinsburg Residents.

  • Earned Income Tax (1%)
  • Business Privilege Tax
    • $1.50 per $1,000 of retail receipts
    • $1.000 per $1,000 of wholesale receipts
  • Local Services Tax ($52 per year, subject to income limits)
  • Municipal Service Fee ($200 per year, covering Trash and Recycling)

Tax Authorities

Current Property Tax, or Business Privilege Tax

Berkheimer Tax Administrator

Main Number (Toll Free, Automated)
(800) 360-8989

Business Privilege Tax (Toll free)
(866) 701-7207

Property Tax (Toll Free, Automated)
(866) 300-1714

Per Capita & Assessment (Current Only)
(610) 599-3141

Earned Income Tax or Local Services Tax

Keystone Collections Group

Main Number (Direct)
(724) 978-0300

Delinquent Real Estate Tax or Delinquent Municipal Service Fees

MBM Collections

Main Number (ask for Doug Ryan)
(412) 242-9615 x204

Municipal Service Fees

Turtle Creek Valley Council of Governments

Main Number
(412) 858-5115

Water and Sewer

Wilkinsburg Penn Joint Water Authority (WPJWA)

Main Number

Water rates are established by the Wilkinsburg Penn Joint Water Authority who establish their own rates. Sewer rates are established by Alcosan with approval of the Borough of Wilkinsburg Council. Both are collected by the Wilkinsburg Penn Joint Water Authority.