Important Changes to Curbside Recycling!

Changes Coming to Recycling

Recycling as we know it will begin to change in the near future. Wilkinsburg residents and the United States as a whole have done such a good job with recycling that there are simply too many recycled materials on the market. There is an excessive supply of glass and #3 – #7 plastic in the recycling stream and no demand for those products any longer.  These materials are collected by our Public Works department, taken to the recycling plant for processing and many times end up in a landfill after they go to the recycling plant since there is no demand for these products.

We anticipate that the recycling plants will stop accepting these materials in the near future and you will no longer be permitted to place them with your recyclables. When this occurs all glass and #3 – #7 plastics must be disposed of with your trash. Any glass and #3 – #7 plastic that is in your recycling bin will be left behind and you will be responsible for placing it in your trash for collection. Recycling plants will begin to fine any hauler who brings a contaminated load that contains the non-permitted item to their facilities. These fines are quite steep, so there will be zero tolerance for any non-recyclable materials in your bins.

Please check the website and our Facebook page for updates concerning changes to recycling in the near future.

Not sure what the different recycling codes mean? Click here for more information.