Mosquito Treatment Program Expands in Wilkinsburg  

A message from Mayor Dontae Comans:

 Dear Residents of Wilkinsburg,

 I hope this message finds you well. As your Mayor, I am excited to share some important news regarding our efforts to enhance public health and safety within our community.

 Starting on May 20th, I am pleased to announce that Allegheny County Health Department will be expanding their annual catch basin treatments for mosquitoes to include Wilkinsburg, alongside Mt. Oliver and McKees Rocks. This expansion comes as part of our ongoing commitment to safeguarding the well-being of our residents against the threat of West Nile Virus.

 For the past 23 years, their program has diligently conducted these catch basin treatments within the City of Pittsburgh. However, recognizing the importance of extending this initiative to additional communities, they have carefully selected Wilkinsburg as one of the areas to benefit from this vital service.

 Their treatments will occur during the weeks of May 20th-24th and June 3-7th, between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. During these evenings, residents may observe health department staff working diligently in the streets. They will be easily identifiable by either County vehicles or personal vehicles bearing County logos.

 I want to assure you that the product being used, Altosid XR, is completely safe for people, pets, plants, and aquatic life. Small blocks of this product will be deposited into catch basins, with treated basins clearly marked with bright green paint for easy identification.

 For further information or any inquiries, please visit the webpage Additionally, I encourage residents to reach out to the health department at 412-350-4046 if they have any concerns regarding mosquito infestations in their neighborhoods or any related issues with landlords. Your feedback is invaluable to them as they work to ensure the health and well-being of all Wilkinsburg residents.

 Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we strive to create a safer and healthier environment for our community.

 Warm regards, 

Dontae Comans

Mayor of Wilkinsburg