Business Development

Save-A-Lot Grocery Store

In partnership with the State, Allegheny County and the Wilkinsburg Municipal Authority, the Save-A-Lot grocery store project was completed in 2006 and is now serving residents from its central location on Penn Avenue in the heart of the Wilkinsburg business district.

Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation

The Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation (WCDC) was founded in 2008 to promote the revitalization of Wilkinsburg. Located in Wilkinsburg’s Central Business District, one of the organization’s primary activities continues to be implementing a 10-Year Business District Revitalization Plan to enhance Wilkinsburg’s business district, encourage development, revitalize and restore vacant structures, and stabilize the community.

To implement this plan, the WCDC manages five key initiatives:

–           Image & Identity

–           Business District Revitalization

–           Green, Clean & Safe

–           Education & Youth

–           Vacant Property & Housing

The WCDC is the community applicant for the Neighborhood Partnership Program, a program of the PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), and Wilkinsburg’s Main Street Program, designated by the PA Downtown Center and DCED and accredited by the National Main Street Center.

Learn more about the WCDC by visiting or stopping by the office at 1001 Wood St.

Wilkinsburg Train Station

An initiative of the WCDC and WCDC Holding Co., the Wilkinsburg Train Station Restoration Project is now underway. The WCDC has secured over $5 million toward the $6 million project budget to restore the 100-year-old building. Project supporters include foundations, corporations, individuals, and local businesses. The latest funding, totaling $1.5 million, came from Governor Wolf’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP).

The WCDC and project partners, including the Commonwealth of PA, Allegheny County, and Wilkinsburg Borough, envision the Train Station building as a potential home to a restaurant or café, bike share program, Port Authority kiosk, display space for local artists and organizations, and more. Once restored, this iconic and historic landmark will once again be a productive transit-focused civic space for the Wilkinsburg community. Learn more about the project at or

Tax Base Expansion Ordinance

The Borough has been working with the Wilkinsburg School District through a joint tax committee to create a series of programs to address the shrinking tax base. The ordinance contains a willing seller program to make it easier to acquire tax-delinquent and abandonded buildings for renovation, without having to pay more than their current value in delinquent taxes. It also contains a 10-year graduated tax abatement on commercial properties, and a residential tax abatement on new construction and rehabs. Other title clearing methods and efforts to gain efficiencies through cooperation of the taxing bodies will be explored. The aim of these efforts is to reduce barriers to private investment in the Borough and to enhance existing and upcoming economic development projects. Please download and review the Temporary Tax Exemption Application and the Tax Compromise Application for more information. Completed applications should be submitted to the Borough Manager’s office.