“A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.”

Wilkinsburg and Allegheny County offer a variety of programs to support residential and commercial development. Whether you are a would-be homeowner in our community, an existing home owner looking to make improvements, or are looking to invest in residential or commercial property, the Borough is here to help.

Learn more about the programs below, or at info@wilkinsburgpa.gov.

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Acquire to Renew

Vacant Property Recovery Program

An Allegheny County program to help residents acquire vacant property for such uses as a side-lot, residential and commercial rehabs, and new construction.

VPRP Website

VPRP Application

Conservatorship Program

The Blighted and Abandoned Property Conservatorship Act, enacted in 2008, creates a new opportunity for citizens and organizations, as well as local governments, to take constructive action in order to deal with serious cases of property neglect. Under the act, a neighbor, nonprofit organization, municipality, school district, or redevelopment authority can ask a judge to appoint a responsible party to take charge of a neglected property and bring it into compliance with code standards.

Conservatorship Handbook

Sheriff’s Sale

A regularly held sale of properties that are tax delinquent. If a property is not already listed for Sheriff’s Sale, there is an option to contract with the delinquent tax collector to have a property taken to sale.

Allegheny County Sheriff’s Website

Negotiate with the Owner

If the owner can be found, the quickest and easiest way is to negotiate with them; if back taxes are a concern, consider our Tax Programs to see which is right to help you with your project.

Tax Programs


Tax Programs

Tax Abatement Program

A program for individuals, organizations, or corporations that offers a ten-year graduated tax abatement on improvements to residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties.

Buy a property on the market, or via a program on the left, then improve it – and let this program smooth the transition to your new value.

Application and Checklist

Tax Compromise Program

A program open to any person, organization, corporation, limited liability company,
partnership or association seeking a tax compromise of back taxes owed on real estate.

This can clear a long history of back taxes in exchange for new ownership, new value, and a new future for the property.

Application and Checklist


Business Development

Borough Resources

A compilation of information about starting or growing your business here in Wilkinsburg. Learn the ways that the Borough or our many helpful organizations can help you realize your business’ full potential.

Wilkinsburg Borough Resources

WCDC Business Resources

The Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation seeks to help entrepreneurs and business owners succeed through workshops, educational opportunities, financial support, and more.

Check out our current resources and programs, including Facade Renewal, Rent Assistance, and Educational Opportunities.

Business Resources Website