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The Purpose of a Government Study Commission

The purpose of the government study commission is:

    • To conduct an in-depth study of municipal government.
    • To probe deeply into procedures and inter-relationships of different parts of government so as to discover weaknesses or defects.
    • To look outside the municipality to discover improved practices that might be applied and adopted.
    • To evolve from its studies an arrangement for better government.
    • Upon the development of the major elements to set them down in a clear, logical and consistent form as a Charter.
    • To conduct its affairs in a manner which will win the respect of the citizens and educate and stimulate citizens groups and officials to get the Charter adopted.

Community Involvement and Transparency

Communication with the community is a necessary and critical element of the government study commission’s activities. Transparency and community input are critical components of the Government Study process. Because the commission is to study the local government and consider recommendations for change, the broadest possible input of citizen opinion and information will be needed to help guide the commission’s work. Questionnaires and voter surveys will be used to gather citizen opinion on local government and to generate public interest in the government study commission’s activities. All meetings are open to the public, in person and are virtually accessible.

To foster and encourage community involvement and transparency we have this dedicated website, meeting recordings, and meeting minutes available to public.

Home Rule Clarification

The Wilkinsburg Government Study Commission and charter development processes require voter approval, via referendum, in order to begin a study of Borough Governance and to elect a Government Study Commission. The first phase of the process started with the November 8, 2022 general election and ended on November 28, 2022, with the certification of your votes by the PA Legislature.

Generally, the government study process is an opportunity for a municipality to address issues that are not addressed or ineffectively addressed by the local government’s existing municipal code.