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What is Tax Abatement?

Wilkinsburg knows that a a difficult hurdle with large renovation and renewal projects can be the sudden increase in the taxable value. This increase can disincentivize renewal, new construction, or cause owners to try to hide renovations.

To ease these fears, spur renewal, and generally encourage regrowth, we offer a 10-Year Tax Abatement for those who apply. This gradually increases the taxable amount over a 10 year period, easing a property owner up to the full value.

How does the process work?

You submit your application – at least 30 days before the start of any work – and it comes before the Joint Tax Committee. Once approved, you can continue your work; on completion, the work is inspected and the new value is assessed. Over the coming ten years your value slowly increases to the new level. All properties you own must remain current on taxes and free of code violations for the duration to retain eligibility.

Who can use this program?

Any person, organization, corporation, limited liability company, partnership or association – nearly any entity that can own property, so long as they are making significant capital improvements. You also need to be current on taxes and clear of code violations for all other properties you own.

Tax Abatement is best for property owners with current taxes who want to make improvements; if you want assistance acquiring property with Back Taxes and a Known Owner, consider the Tax Compromise program.

How do I learn more, or apply?

The full description of the program can be found in the Borough Code.

Tax Abatement Code

Fill out the Application linked here and submit it to the Borough Code Department (2nd floor, 605 Ross Avenue | 412-244-2900).

Application and Checklist