Welcome to Wilkinsburg Sign

The Wilkinsburg Arts Commission is working to create a Gateway to Wilkinsburg that will impact the public’s experience and perception of Wilkinsburg as a vital community. This project has been identified as an opportunity to establish a distinct sense of place, to represent the people that live in Wilkinsburg, and the local businesses that are continuing to grow as a vibrant local economy. The Wilkinsburg Arts Commission is facilitating the artist selection process for this project. The new gateway sign will be located at the intersection of South Trenton Avenue and Penn Avenue.


After reviewing applications in November 2016, the Commission selected two finalists, Anders Anderson and Joe Petrina, and their proposals were presented at a public meeting in Wilkinsburg Council Chambers on February 16, 2017.  The public was able to ask the artists questions about the designs as well as vote for their preferred designs and give feedback on the designs, the color and font choices, and the selection process.
The Commission will meet on March 16 to review the comment cards and any additional materials from the artists, with the goal of making their final design selection. As always, commission meetings are open to the public.

We welcome you to view the proposed designs by Anders Anderson and Joe Petrina below. If you would like to provide comments on the colors/font/design or anything else please email the commission wilkinsburgartscommission@gmail.com. In your email, please identify if you are a Wilkinsburg resident, Wilkinsburg business owner or employee, or a friend of Wilkinsburg. Thank you for your participation.

Anders Anderson: 

Joe Petrina: 

Link to the original RFP can be found here: WilkinsburggatewayRFP