Wilkinsburg Council Rejects Efforts To Merge With City; Calls On Community Development Corporation To Cease And Desist.

Wilkinsburg, PA – On Wednesday, February 3, 2021 six of nine Wilkinsburg Council members approved a resolution to remain an independent borough and to oppose efforts to merge the Borough with the City of Pittsburgh.

A friendly amendment to the resolution was adopted by a vote of seven to two that “the Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation discussions regarding any potential merger between the Borough of Wilkinsburg and the City of Pittsburgh should involve the Wilkinsburg Council, or cease and desist.”

The resolution notes that the residents of Wilkinsburg “have successfully governed ourselves through our duly elected officials, with a proven record of community, sensitivity, and democracy.”
The resolution further states that the Borough is “a sustainable community with a diverse population of over 15,000, a workforce comprised mostly of residents, with a vibrant and growing business district.”

The Borough has not increased taxes since 2004 and has successfully balanced every budget in the intervening years.

The votes to approve and amend the resolution was read to the public during a regular Council session on Wednesday, February 3, 2021. The text of the full resolution can be found below.

The Council of Wilkinsburg is a body of nine elected officials representing each of Wilkinsburg’s three wards. The role of Council is to serve as civilian oversight of all activities of the Borough, including the management of Borough employees. Council is responsible for making policy, signing ordinances, voting appropriations, approving all personnel decisions, and establishing and maintaining the Borough’s budget.

Resolution 21-036