Welcome to Wilkinsburg

Thank you for visiting the Borough of Wilkinsburg’s web site. Wilkinsburg is a community known for the wonderful spirit of its residents. It’s the same sprit that built this community during the early days of this country. You can feel this spirit as we work to promote unity and further develop our community.

Wilkinsburg has a number of nice areas with remarkable homes that reflect the charm of days gone by. Some neighborhoods have newer homes that represent our continuing growth. For those that have dreams of home ownership, we will share that dream with you and work with you to help make that dream a reality. For those looking for homes to rent, we offer a safe, clean community with affordable, market rate or luxury style apartments. Everyone is welcome in our community and we will do our best to ensure that you are pleased.

Our business community also represents a little of the old and a lot of the new. In the Wilkinsburg business district, you can find almost any item that you need and many that you may want. The goods and services are provided with a care that you won’t find in a mall or larger shopping district. We have a firm commitment to entrepreneurial development in this community. To that end, we are prepared to provide as much business development assistance needed to any new business coming into our area or to revitalize any business already established.

We welcome the opportunity for you to visit our schools, churches, participate in community days or shop at our Farmer’s Market. Make a note of it, our Farmer’s Market is one of the longest running markets in the area and is clearly one of the best.

Please, take your time and visit the different pages on this site. If you don’t have time to visit them all now, be sure to log on again. We will be constantly updating the Wilkinsburg Web Site with new information on community events, real estate developments, Borough information and much more.

If you need more information about our community, please call me at 412-244-2920.

– Mayor John Thompson



Our Mayor

John Thompson

Wilkinsburg Mayor John Thompson is the Borough’s 49th mayor. He has held office since 2006.

The Mayor of Wilkinsburg is elected every four years. The primary responsibility of the Mayor is oversight of the police department. The Mayor works closely with the Police Chief to ensure that the Police Department is operating efficiently and effectively. The Mayor also attends council meetings, and votes when necessary to break a tie. Our Mayor is an important representative of the community, and often performs ceremonial duties involving the Borough government.

To reach the Mayor’s Office, please call (412) 244-2920.

Borough Manager

Donn R. Henderson

Donn R. Henderson is the Borough Manager and started at the Borough in June of 2016. He has been involved in community development at all levels as a Borough Manager in Charleroi, Two Term Township Supervisor in Fallowfield Township and Main Street Manager in Irwin and Charleroi. Donn has served on a variety of volunteer and appointed Boards; Pres. Mon Valley United Way, Pres. Mon Valley Initiative, Washington County Redevelopment Authority, Washington County Tourism, Charleroi Library Board, Lions Club, Community Development Corp. and various other community projects. Currently Donn serves on the Pa. Downtown Center Board.

He is married to Lorrie Henderson and has one son, Ryan.